Gratitude Wall

Amanda Elizabeth Mosaics Beechwood


This community-inspired mural is a 2’ wide by 45’ long curvilinear mosaic, centered around a brightly colored heart. A Gratitude Wall. It is the result of a great collaboration between
Amanda Elizabeth Mosaics, a beautiful non-profit organization out of D.C. called Kaboom, the City of Anaheim, local YMCA and Edwards Life Sciences from Irvine, CA.


Volunteers were assigned a color family (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple) and asked to draw something that makes their heart happy. Amanda Elizabeth Mosaics arranged
the community-made art onto a flowing, colorful, mosaic wave and blended the art piece together with ribbons of pebbles, glass and stones.


Together, Amanda Elizabeth Mosaics and local artisan Brandon Parker installed the mural on the large CMU block wall. Serving as the backdrop for a wonderful new play space for the
neighborhood children, this mural will bring vibrations of joyful energy to the playground through color, and the volunteer-made tiles will vibrate with the positivity of gratitude.

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