You don’t need to be an artist to enjoy making art— anyone and everyone can do it. It’s a quick and simple way to unwind, relax, and create something perfectly unique to you. For many, creating art is an important form of therapy that helps them escape the stressful hustle and bustle of reality.

Plan for community-made mural

The beautifully finished community mural

What’s even better than taking a breather for yourself by drawing, painting, sculpting, or creating in whatever way you feel? Doing it with a community of friends, family, and neighbors; of course. (Think about it— there’s a very real reason why wine and paint nights with friends and strangers are so popular nowadays.)

Taking time out of the day to pause everyday tasks in order to come together as one in a group art project creates a very special type of positive energy— one that emanates from the organic flow of collective creativity.

Members of the community gathered together to make art

A wonderful example of this is the community art mural that we created recently in Anaheim. Those who participated not only contributed their creative capabilities toward the piece, but they each individually channeled a unique piece of themselves into the mural— transforming the space in a way that could never be matched by a manufactured art piece.