As much as starting a business is about crunching numbers and figuring out its logistics, it also involves using art and creativity in the marketing process. This includes choosing the font of your official stationery, designing your website, and of course, coming up with a memorable logo. 

As minute a detail as it may seem, coming up with a logo design can be the difference between catching the eyes of hundreds of potential future customers and falling flat— and ultimately forgotten. 

This brings us over to the subject of mosaics. Mosaics are uniquely crafted images or patterns that are comprised of a variety of small pieces of glass, stone, and/or ceramic— making the possibilities for your mosaic logo design virtually endless. 

Here are 3 reasons why you should consider a mosaic for your business logo. 

1. Mosaics are beautiful.

Creating something aesthetically pleasing is very important in choosing a logo for your company. Mosaics are typically colorful, with the pieces constructing the larger image arranged in intricately beautiful ways.

2. Mosaics are timeless.

A potential hurdle a business might meet further down the timeline of its existence is the prospect of its logo growing dated and irrelevant. Even large companies like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts have opted for logo redesigns. Mosaics represent an art form so classic that it can withstand the test of time— no matter what subject is portrayed.

3. The options are unlimited.

Unlimited color schemes, materials, and designs make mosaics the perfect option for your logo. Whether it’s for your nonprofit organization or your small business, your options are pretty much infinite.